About The Immoderate Stoic

I'm not good at moderation. My wife and I have a motto,"It's never too much, it's only not enough." This puts me at odds with stoic teaching, where moderation is one of the virtues. So I'm trying to find my way into a more stoic mindset. I've found nothing but joy and contentment through Stoic practices, so I don't doubt the benefit of a bit more self-discipline. Still, I know my faults. I'm an Immoderate Stoic and this is my blog.


About Matt Van Natta

Matt Van Natta writes fiction, drinks coffee, beer, and whiskey, and contemplates the human condition. His writings have been featured on SpiritualNaturalistSociety.org and Modern Stoicism. They were also included in Stoicism Today: Selected Writings Vol 1 and Vol 2. His ramblings can be read here, heard on the podcast Good Fortune and held through The Good Fortune Handbook.